August 12, 2008

How Are Lunges Like Jello?

Because there’s always room for more…at least that’s Tara’s philosophy! Nothing like 25 stationary lunges on each leg while holding 20 lb dumbbells, followed by 15 single leg presses at 25 lbs, followed by 25 more stationary lunges on each leg while holding 20 lb dumbbells, of course followed by…you guessed it…15 more single leg presses at 25 lbs. May I say…Holy Crap! I’m so glad I have 3 days to recover before I hit the hills of Newton on Saturday.

We also did a new chest press move and my pecs are seriously aching, and she added about 4 more core exercises that I need to start doing. I got my money’s worth today, that’s for sure.

Did I mention that one of my TNT coaches signed up to do the Maine Coast Half on Sept. 21st? I’m so excited that there will be someone else I know there. I’m also trying to get my running buddy to sign up too.

Julie & I are registering for the Falmouth in the Fall Road Race on November 2nd. I had thought about doing the Manchester Half that day, but wasn’t quite sure I would be ready for a half so soon after the full – it’s only 2 weeks after Nike.

Tomorrow morning's run - 6 miles. It's supposed to be a fantastic day - finally - here in Boston!


JenZen said...

Wow - sounds like a killer workout!! Awesome! I soooo need to start weight training again. I've just been a bit apprehensive that it the muscle soreness would hurt my running while I'm training. Do you struggle with that?

Great job!

Laura said...

I'm jealous of the Falmouth Road Race... that one is supposed to be really awesome!