August 18, 2008

Respect The Distance

Last Saturday’s long run was “just” a 12 miler – at least thats the way I kept looking at it. I mean, what’s 12 miles when you’ve run 14.5 and then walked a couple more miles home, right? Wrong – especially when you add the hills of Newton. Oh my goodness – the last time I was that sore was after the Boston Run to Remember. My feet were dragging toward the end, and my glutes and hammmies, well, they were dead. I really worked hard though, and made sure to run up all 3 of the hills on the way out to our turnaround point. However, on the return there was plenty of walking.

Went home, took an ice bath and rested – I was actually able to take a nap for once. I slept for about 1.5 hrs and didn’t really ache too much when I got up. Yesterday I did 6 miles recovery, then stopped at the gym and stretched and foam rolled. Today is a day off, but I’m going to the gym to do the same thing. It will help to keep me loose!

Yesterday afternoon we took advantage of the Massachusetts tax free weekend and ordered our iPhones. We will be the proud owners in 7-14 days. Sweet! An early birthday present for both of us.

Afterward I had a much deserved manicure and pedicure. My feet were quite happy!

This week’s workouts are a little different than normal because I won’t be seeing Tara tomorrow. She’s out for the day, so I think I’m going to run tomorrow morning (hills), strength train on Wednesday, run on Thursday (speedwork), strength train on Friday and on Saturday we have a 15 mile long run. Sunday is 5 miles recovery.

My run buddy Julie is on vacation this week, so she won’t be there to run early with me on Saturday. I might just do the whole thing myself without stopping in the middle to run with the group. I could get started at 5:30 am and be finished by 9:15 or so, although it looks like they are changing the course around. I’m going to have to get more details before I make that decision. Depends on how hot it’s going to be too. Looks like we’re finally going to get a nice, sunny week. It’s about time!


Kristin said...

I've been toying with the concept of the ice bath but haven't yet had the courage to take the plunge. (Partly because I don't have an ice-maker, my freezer has about two ice cubes in it, so I'd have to bring in bags of ice from the store.) Everyone seems to find it helpful, and I have a bad ankle/foot/achilles tendon that has a tendency to flare up after running, so I'm sure I should be doing this! (I'm also looking with more favor at "legs up the wall," recommended by Runner's World and Viper, because this is actually one of my favorite yoga positions, and if it helps with easing post run soreness, so much the better!)

Laura said...

You're doing an awesome job building up the mileage - keep up the great work!

JenZen said...

I laugh at my "just" miles now..."just 10 miles"..."just 12 miles". Ha. Great job! I have a 14 miler this weekend..ack! slow and easy, slow and easy.

My poor little peeps need a pedicure so badly but I'm afraid I'll scare to pedicurist to death with my franken-feet. ahh...the joys of running.

JenZen said...

Thanks SO MUCH for the well wishes!!! You're a gem!

Southbay Girl said...

thank you very much for the birthday wishes!!!

Girl on Top said...

Great job on the run. 5 miles is recovery?!!! Wow!

My recovery is 0 running :)

JenZen said...

Just dropping by to say "howdy"!! Hope you're doing well girl!!!!

Anonymous said...

You have such an awesome story...I found you through Jen's blog....I'm a new runner and hope someday to follow y'alls (yes I'm from Texas) running ritual.....Do you mind if I add your blog to my page?

Laura said...

Andrea, thank you so much for your kind words! I think my job is safe... it's just such a scary time right now and you never know.

Also, I'm terrified of ice baths :)